Science has accomplished so many things we in no way believed attainable: Room journey. All-realizing cell phones. Clones. Why, then, have not we been equipped to occur up with a agony-totally free, cost-effective choice to razors and waxing for physique hair removal? We have the engineering, individuals. 

Individuals of us who do eliminate our human body hair likely are not able to estimate just how numerous dollars we have used on (admittedly wasteful) plastic razor alternative cartridges or how a great deal hissing we’ve performed as a result of gritted teeth when basically ripping out our down-there hair with sticky goo and material strips. But TikTok, of program, claims it is really found that substitute in crystal hair erasers

Although they range in color and shape relying on the brand from which you get a single, crystal hair removers are all really significantly the exact same factor: little handheld gadgets with 1 flat facet lined in etched glass. Apparently, immediately after wetting the glass, you can rub it on the pores and skin in circular motions to promptly, simply, and painlessly take out hair (search phrase: evidently). TikTok is so obsessed with them that the hashtag #crystalhairremover has amassed far more than 60 million views. 

I swear to God, each individual other ad I’ve noticed on the application for the earlier 6 months has been for a person of these issues. Amazon is flooded with them. 

You know what I am heading to ask: Do they truly function, while? And, additional importantly, are they protected? ‘Cause, um, rubbing etched glass throughout the pores and skin appears to be like some thing that would be annoying, no? That’s particularly what I asked a pair of gurus.

Fulfill the Professionals:

  • Mona Gohara, MD, is a board-licensed dermatologist in Hamden, Connecticut.
  • Shari Marchbein, MD, is a board-licensed dermatologist in New York City.

Even the basic mechanism by which crystal hair erasers function is unclear. “I’ve go through and listened to a great deal of ads about this and, I am however dubious on the system of motion,” claims Mona Gohara, MD, a board-licensed skin doctor in Hamden, Connecticut. “Most assert that an etched crystalline surface makes the hair clump and drop off. When etched glass hits the pores and skin, I believe ‘cutting’ as an alternative of ‘clumping’ is the additional correct verb.” 

In point, Gohara thinks the system is very a lot the identical as a typical razor. “This floor cuts the hair down at the follicle opening.” Shari Marchbein, MD, a board-licensed dermatologist in New York Metropolis, is even additional skeptical of their system. “It is touted to use ‘crystal nano technologies,’ what ever the heck that signifies, to bodily clump hair and literally tear it at the skin’s surface area.” As she factors out, quite a lot all the data that exists about crystal hair removers appear from the corporations that make them, and there are handful of serious-everyday living anecdotes about their efficacy apart from some testimonials on Amazon. Suss. 

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