Tips for Improving Lung Health in Smokers and Ex-Smokers

Most people know about the health risks of smoking and one of those is that it can deteriorate your lungs. However, just because you have smoked for many years does not mean your lungs have to stay in the same condition. There are ways where you can clean and improve your health.

Start By Quitting Smoking

If you haven’t already, you should quit smoking. You will almost see instant benefits to quitting including getting rid of that smoker’s cough which you may have developed. It is also believed that your blood pressure will improve almost instantly.

After a week of quitting, your lungs will start to repair. Your lung tissue will repair and reduce the inflammation on it which will then help your breathing. As soon as this happens, your nicotine cravings will worsen but there are products you can use to help with that such as nicotine patches and nicopods.

Avoid Smokers

Passive smoking can be just as bad as smoking if you are around it all the time. That is why you should look to remove yourself from these people. Not only will you reduce second-hand smoking but you will also reduce the urge to smoke. Although you can’t avoid your friends and family, ask them to stop smoking around you to help you quit.

Reduce Dust In Your Home

If you want to improve your health, especially your lung health, you need to clean your home. Dust can be bad for your lungs so make sure you give your shelving a thorough clean. You will also need to clean any areas where you eat and drink. Plus, you will need to hoover your carpets regularly.

Ensuring there is clean air in your home is an absolute must to aid with lung recovery. Consider buying plants to purify the air in your home.

Start Exercising

If you don’t already, exercising is a great way to improve your lungs. It is one of the best ways to keep your respiratory system in the best condition and it doesn’t require any more, all you need to do is commit time.

Different exercises you can consider include; cycling, swimming, strength training, yoga, jogging or even hiking. All are great ways to improve your health, especially your lungs.

Breathing Exercises

If you are always short of breath, breathing exercises will help you. Both pursed lip breathing and diaphragmatic breathing exercises are great for helping you improve your breathing and lung health. They help to release trapped air and strengthen your diaphragm.


There are many things you can do to help you improve your lung health. The number one priority is to quit smoking before you can begin the next step. Consider exercising to improve your lung health and overall fitness.

If you are struggling to quit smoking then use brands such as Velo for your nicotine pouches. If you want to keep the feeling of inhaling and exhaling then using an e-cigarette may be a better option for you before completely quitting.

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