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The Most Popular Hijab Muslim Clothing Model

One of the Muslim clothing equipment commonly used for Muslim women is the hijab. The current hijab model that can be found on the market has undergone many changes. This is certainly influenced by the increasing number of innovations. Some of these hijab models are very trendy and are often applied by Muslim women.

Hijab is not only a mandatory accessory for Muslim women, but also a lifestyle that is able to support appearance in carrying out daily activities. Using the hijab here doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish and beautiful.

Because now there are various types and models of hijab to choose from. In addition, there are various kinds of fabrics that have their own characteristics and characteristics.

Hijab can also be adjusted to your individual personality. Take for example here, those of you who tend to prefer a casual appearance, can wear a hijab made of jersey or cotton.

In addition, those of you who want to give a graceful impression can wear an organza triangle hijab that looks elegant and luxurious. Hijab collections for various events and occasions are certainly owned by every woman as a collection.

Meanwhile, to get to know more about the hijab Muslim fashion model, here are some hijab models that are trending and you need to try, including:

What are the Most Popular Hijab Models?

  • Hijab Bergo
     The first and most popular hijab model today is the hijab bergo. A headscarf that is directly worn is a daily necessity and is generally worn at home. But not a few of the Muslim women who wear headscarves directly to be used to travel out of the house.
    Why is that ? because it feels more practical and comfortable when worn. This bergo hijab is indeed a direct veil innovation that you can try at home. This model is very popular because it is very easy to put on and of course will not require a needle.
    In this case, you only need to put the hijab strap to the back of the neck area. And for the hijab, there are indeed several models to choose from. For example, hijab bergo that wears a pet and hijab bergo that does not wear a pet.
    There is also a syar’i model that has a long size and is also combined with a veil or niqab. In general, this bergo hijab does not have a motif and the choice of color is only one color.
    There are also some with added accents such as ruffles at the ends or ribbons. The hijab model can be mixed and matched with any outfit. That way, of course, you won’t have trouble mixing and matching clothes and hijabs when using the hijab model.
  • Hijab Model Hoodie
    As the name implies, for hijab this one model does resemble a hoodie on a jacket or sweater. Hijam with the Hoodie model has a simple design and generally the fabric used is thick fabric.
    If you look at it at a glance, the hijab hoodie model does tend to be similar to the pashmina hijab model that uses a wrapped model in the back area. The difference is because this type of hijab is an instant hijab.
    So you don’t need a needle or pin to use it. So you don’t need to be complicated when you have to use a hoodie model hijab when you’re in a hurry. For this reason, this hijab model has become very popular among hijabers.
  • Turban Shawl
    The hijab turban model in recent years has indeed become popular and is a prima donna among many hijabers. As for the turban model itself, it is very suitable for those of you who have a free spirit, are easy and also flexible.
    And to make the hijab model, of course you will need a pashmina which has a very flexible fabric material and is very easy to shape at will. So that later when using this hijab turban on the neck it is not visible, then you can combine it with a hijab turban which is equipped with a turtleneck shirt that covers the neck.
    In addition, don’t forget to wear a ciput bandana before later forming a hijab turban. This is done with the aim that later your hair does not come out and fall apart. This hijab turban model is indeed famous as a casual and relaxed style.
    Therefore, it is often used in activities such as exercise, yoga, leisurely walks and so on. Not infrequently the model is also combined with large earrings which are a fashion statement.
  • Hijab Model Khimar
    Hijab with this khimar model includes an instant hijab model that presents a design to cover the head and even the chest. Some also modify it by covering the sleeves.
    The latest type of hijab khimar with cloth material in the form of a cartoon can be used for prayer without you having to wear an additional mukena later. Currently the hijab model is indeed popular and is designed with much more variety, both in terms of motifs, in terms of color or from the selection of increasingly varied fabrics. That way of course you can choose according to each taste – each.

What is the Pashmina Sabyan Hijab Model Like?

  • Pashmina Sabyan
    This pashmina model has long been a favorite among hijabers. This happens because this hijab model is very easy to form and can also be created as desired.
    That’s why the pashmina sabyan has become a popular hijab model and is very popular with people, especially in 2021. The latest hijab model uses a pashmina with a very comfortable and light material like a cerruti pulled slightly back towards the ear area.
    This will make your cheek area visible. As for the end of the pashmina, it will be set aside to the shoulder. This model is indeed quite popular as Pashmina Sabyan.
    That’s because this hijab model was popularized by a famous singer, Nissa Sabyan. Colors that have a calm impression such as beige and brown are favorite and excellent choices among hijabers.
  • Quadrilateral Voal
    The last hijab Muslim fashion model that is also no less popular in 2021 is the quadrangle. This voal hijab material is indeed popular and popular, especially in Indonesia.

In fact, one of the famous designers, Ivan Gunawan, also stated that the voal material was the best selling material for the hijab last year. This material does feel comfortable when you wear it.

Well, that’s what can be explained about some of the most popular hijab Muslim fashion models, I hope this article is useful.

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