How Has Streetwear Evolved Over Time?

Streetwear has had a journey. It was first born as a result of the New York hip-hop scene and the skater’s aesthetic from the 1980s. It has evolved with elements of both Californian and Japanese fashion and has currently taken the world by storm. It brings in elements of punk, skate and surfing culture and is a way of looking like you’ve just thrown a comfortably stylish look together without trying too hard.

Origin Story

As mentioned above, streetwear began in the late 20th century and was a fashion movement that was popular among urban communities such as LA, London and New York, which are still today the most fashion-forward areas in the world. This style was inspired by music, art and lifestyles that were booming in popularity, such as skateboarding, hip-hop and a little bit of punk representation.

It was a way for individuals who didn’t fit into a specific subculture to express themselves by incorporating a bit of everything. Many brands began to take charge of this and set the way forward for streetwear, such as Stussy, Supreme and small skateboarding brands that brought our lines specific to the talent at the time.

Mainstream In the 21st Century

The 21st century witnessed a huge shift from boho chic to streetwear. The whole world began to listen and dress like their favourite artists due to the rise of social media. It was a huge gateway for individuals to shop for the latest pieces and also see what everyone else was wearing. Not only that, influencers began to take on their role and it so happens that a lot of them were and still are today streetwear influencers for consistent posts wearing the latest, coolest men’s full tracksuit or sneakers.

Not only has social media exposed the world of streetwear to everyone but high fashion houses saw that this was the future and began to collaborate with artists and brands that had a huge influence at the time. These collaborations created capsule collections and limited edition drops. This brought together the status and elevated streetwear as we knew it.

High Fashion meets Streetwear

As streetwear has taken the world of fashion by storm, we have seen new and upcoming designers and big house names begin to incorporate it into their runways, such as the Diesel 2023 runway and even through the Balenciaga men’s hoodies sale collection. These blends have given rise to this worldwide aesthetic, which is now in all areas of fashion, whether it’s slow, fast, luxury or every day.

We have seen many designers fuse it together, bringing new definitions of streetwear to life. It has grown into a very broad term with many variations, which has been very interesting to see over time.

When it comes to what is in store for the future of fashion, we have seen elements of athleisure wear taking the limelight away. Leggings, gym sets and jackets are being adapted into the world of streetwear and I am excited to see what designer and celebrity influences are in the near future.

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